Read to Me

November 30
This afternoon I'm to meet with the hematologist to discuss the 18 tubes of blood!  Also, I may throw out that I've been battling headaches for 3 days and suspect the Plavix is playing a role.  Thanks to my children for praying for these headaches to cease and for a sweet neighbor I saw while out walking yesterday, who laid his hand upon my head and prayed mightily in the name of Jesu for the headaches to be gone!  I've been enduring these instead of believing God can rid me of them.

Our oldest grandson turned seven on Saturday.  The picture above is of him reading to his younger sister and two of his cousins.  Special moments!  I want to share with you from something I've read.

Three people gave me Jill Bolte Taylor's bestseller, My Stroke of Insight. You may have seen her on television. At 37 years old, this Harvard trained brain scientist had a massive stroke to the left hemisphere of her brain. The book truly is insightful and has been a real comfort to me. The medical personnel who have attended to my care must have read this book at some point, for they were spot on with Taylor's suggestions for care!  In the back of the book is an Appendix titled "Forty Things I Need Most."  Definitely worth the read if you ever have to interact with a  stroke survivor.  I want to share some statements, from Chapter 13  "What I Needed the Most,"which really resonate with me.
1) I desperately needed people to treat me as though I would recover completely.
2) I needed the people around me to believe in the plasticity of my brain and its ability to grow, learn, and recover.
3) My brain needed to be protected, and isolated from obnoxious sensory stimulation, which is perceived as noise.
4) Honor the healing power of sleep.
5) I needed people to love me-not for the person I had been, but for who I might now become.
5) I needed those around me to be encouraging. I needed to know that I still had value.  I needed to have dreams to work toward.
6) It was essential that we challenge my brain systems immediately.
7) Offer me only multiple choice questions and never ask me Yes/No questions.
8) I had to define my priorities for what I wanted to get back the most and not waste energy on other things.
9) It was important we focus on my ability, not my disability.
10).  I needed people to celebrate the triumphs I made every day because my successes, no matter how small, inspired me.
11) I needed to welcome support, love and help from others.
12) I needed my caregivers to teach me with patience.
12) I needed people to come close and not be afraid of me.
13) I needed my visitors to bring me their positive energy.

Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved,
clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.
Colossians 3:12

Today, I stop to pray for caregivers.  It's not an easy task.