The Adult Coloring Book

November 6
See what great love the Father has lavished on us, 
that we should be called children of God!
And that is what we are!
1 John 3:1
Sequencing issues remain a struggle.  A sweet therapist friend prescribed learning new things!
A few friends are stepping up to the plate to help with this.  One friend is coming by once a week to teach me line dancing.  It is fabulous for balance and strengthening and awesome for helping with memorizing sequences.
Another friend mailed me what was billed as "An Adult Coloring Book" and a pack of colored pencils.  Hmm?  Take every thought captive!  Each coloring page has a scripture verse to memorize on how we are loved by God!  My first one is above.
A third friend came by to help me make a new recipe.  A new knitting pattern awaits on my bed as well.  Maybe I will cast on this weekend.  Monday, I went for the trifecta and tried all three new tasks above, grocery shopping, plus some house cleaning and ended up miserable.
Realizing I need to spend more time basking in the Father's love and resting this brain.

This coloring book has a page by each coloring sheet for writing and reflecting. I wrote:
"What kind of love...
   Love unimaginable. Love full of compassion and a desire for us to be all God purposed us to be.
   Love that takes the disappointment of suffering and blossoms it into a lesson which couldn't be
   learned any other way.
   Love that forgives instantaneously.
   Love that lavishes an inheritance beyond our belief.
   Love that never gives out.
   Love that adores from the inside out.
   Love that echoes..."I'm your Father and I adore you!"