Generational Fun

It's basketball season! Three generations showing off their shooting techniques.
Ole Papa still has the magic touch!

January 8
Genesis 10 is titled "The Table of Nations."  Did you realize the whole earth was populated from Noah's three sons?  Reading this genealogy I wondered what there was for me to glean.   In chapter nine it mentioned Noah planted the first vineyard. I actually googled "How to grow grapes."  Looks pretty complicated, especially on a deer ladened property.

We have five sons who have married and moved to various parts of our country.  There have been times I've wished we'd had a family business for them all to go into and they lived close by.  Looking at how God sent Noah's sons off in three different directions to populate the world, I realized God has a purpose in how he stirs our hearts. I'm thankful our five sons have found wives and careers which are purposeful and fulfilling. It's always good to see their faces come through our door and feel the warmth of their hugs, but this mama is glad they've found their way and good women to stand beside them.

In a way, we have passed a "family business" on.  The business of loving and living for the Lord.

Noah passed the important example of obedience onto his sons.  She Reads Truth writer, Erin Davis writes:
"But the torch of faith was passed through the generations, and that flame can be traced back to this spark. 'And Noah did everything that the Lord commanded him.'  Genesis 7:5  Obedience to God was the gift Noah gave to the next generation.  When we obey God, we are storing away treasure for those who will come behind us...We can affect future generations, but we have to make peace with the marathon of life, refusing to settle for the sprint.  Noah's story urges us to make peace with wanting the Lord to be glorified in his timing."

Some of my dearest friends do not have children, but they have lives of great influence and a legacy to leave.  God has gifted them in very different ways and is using their lives to impact others of all ages.  They have the time, energy and flexibility to be an example in places I will never go.  To God be the glory for all he has done and continues to do!