Over the Moon

Spring is coming, so I had a test run on backside bunny buttermilk pancakes!
Chickie Lamby lovers await the arrival of little guests!

February 24
I have to interrupt the regularly scheduled devotional and Praise the Lord for how GREAT I felt yesterday. (Haven't gotten out of bed as of yet today.) It's the first time in 5 1/2 months my head has felt totally clear and I've had the confidence and stamina to drive to run errands on my own. For two hours, I was able to print photos at CVS and then do the grocery shopping and even unload the groceries afterwards!  This was such a huge step. Totally elated, I sang praise to the Lord the whole ride down the driveway afterwards!

The Lenten study I did yesterday morning was on the Lord's Prayer and how we are instructed to ask for our DAILY bread...for God to meet our needs for that particular day...not grab all the manna in fear it won't come again, but trust.  As I drove to the store, in a bit of disbelief that the energy level was enduring, I said, "Father, thank You for allowing me to feel so good.  I'll take it for this day and pray that I could have it in the days to come!" 

My husband says, "You have to have bad days to appreciate the good ones."  I appreciate how I feel and I am so hopeful I've turned the corner in this post stroke recovery. 

Had to laugh...we have dear friends who have been like body guards/spies over me.  The couple times I've ventured out on my own I've run into them.  Yesterday, they were right inside the grocery store door as I entered.  "Does Deke know what you are doing?" they smiled and inquired.  It's a good reminder that even in adulthood...when you sneak out you usually get caught!

I sincerely appreciate your friendship, encouragement, support, love and prayers.
Life is a lot, but God is good, loving and merciful in ways we can't comprehend.

Looking forward to more energetic moments and exuding joy, 
Love, Boo