You Da Bomb

This is the Valentine I made for my hubby. It's made using packs of Rolo caramel candies.

February 16
Our 5 inch snow is covered with a glaze of ice. No school again today.

Laughter is good for the soul!  I'm married to a jokester!  He's one of those people who gets "The Joke of the Day" email. Some are winners, some are not.  I, on the other hand, am one of those people who ends up being funny by know, saying dumb or "out there" comments.

This stroke has definitely changed my personality.  I know it's a sin to grow anxious, so I'm learning to be content, while praying to get some things back if it's the Lord's will.  I'm S L O W E R, quieter and more pensive (most likely because at times it takes longer to speak).  The multi-tasker who loved to have a crowd around to cook for days on end, struggles to get a meal made and finds retreating to a quiet spot to be a healing balm.  WEIRD, but it is what it is for now and maybe forever.

While the practice of Lent is not found in the Bible, it is good to reflect on our sinful state and the need for a Savior.  (Not just during the Lenten season, but daily.)  Preparing my heart for the upcoming celebration of Easter, I'm doing a deeper than normal "sin check" each day.  In the wee hours of the morning, after a middle of the night bathroom run by both my husband and I, with our eyes still closed, I snuggled up next to him in the bed and said, "So what's the biggest sin issue you are dealing with?"  There was silence and then we both laughed!  Not your typical romantic comment I guess.

Lenten season or just pensive post stroke wife, not sure which prompted the comment.  He never answered, but it has made us laugh several times since!

"Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand."
Matthew 3:2

"Bear fruit in keeping with repentance."
Matthew 3:8 

Obviously, I had a sin issue on my heart.  It was fear. Fear of having another stroke and fear of never feeling energetic again. Thanks for continue prayers. I want the causes of this continual light headedness and the stroke to be found and resolved.  Also, I want energy and effervescence to return to my life.  Five months is a long time to not feel yourself.  Hmm, I guess I may need prayer to accept my new self.