Your Father Knows

These robots were fun to make, but tempting for little ones not to tear right into.

February 15
The snow has been falling all night and brings me peace after the sad news yesterday.  (See post.)
Our pastor brought to remembrance in his sermon, on transforming our minds, how we listen to our voice in our head, way too often!  We should be listening to Jesus' voice!

Last week while vacuuming, my mind was wondering into places of anxiousness over health issues I and others on my prayer list are facing and resentment over an unpleasant situation one of our children was having to face. I guess the Holy Spirit finally made himself heard as I did a whoops and thought...."God knows every thought before I think it. These thoughts are not pleasing to God, because I'm not putting my trust in Him by fretting." 

On the day I was about to receive some very sad news God went before me and fulfilled the verse, Matthew 6:8

Remember, your Father knows exactly what you need 
even before you ask Him!”  

I received an email from a Roanoke friend encouraging me related to the longevity of this health journey.  Then right after reading the email a neighbor called saying she wanted me to know she loved me and wanted to encourage me. Both were so touching.  A few hours later I went to get the mail and I was blown away by the card in the mailbox from a woman with whom I attend Bible Study. Matthew 6:8 was on the card! 

God knew I’d need that encouragement before I received the phone call from our friends, concerning their daughter in law entering hospice care. If He knew that, he knows what is best in the long run for each of us.
While my heart is so saddened over the outcome of this cancer battle, 
I know healing comes in many forms. 
This young woman has a new body today and is free from pain.

Check out what the remainder of the card said!

"You came to mind, so I stopped to pray.
I asked the Lord Jesus to make you a way.

To give you His peace and His strengthening grace, 
To give you endurance while running this race.

I asked Him to help when the path seems unclear,
To bring reassurance He’ll always be near.

To show you each promise He’s made will come true,
I’m praying, in all things  He’ll carry you through."

Our God is so real, so present, so personal and so compassionate. He is a loving Father who knows exactly what we need. I trust in Him.