Beaten Up

May 25
The torrential downpours we've had lately certainly gave our peonies a pounding.  They looked beaten up. That's the way I've felt concerning my prayer list lately.

For close to three years I've been praying for a little boy from Mississippi named Ryan LaSource.  Ryan is battling leukemia.  It's been grueling and he is really suffering through this battle at Duke right now. For the first time in a long time, nothing was posted yesterday and that concerns me.

When I wrote on the word endure the other day, this sweet family was forefront in my thoughts as I've considered...How much more can they endure?  Now doctors are suspecting chemo has caused damage to his lungs and his breathing is very labored. I so want a happy ending to this story!

Just months ago we walked alongside close friends, who lost their daughter-in -law to cancer after a very similar battle.  Prolonged illness can cause you to become weary, but I remember a Beth Moore quote which said, "Weary means utterly spiritless."
It means we are facing battles in our own strength and with a worldly mindset, not God's.

Sunday, our pastor preached on prayer and gave me a much needed spiritual adjustment.
The message was based on Ephesians 6:18

"...praying at all times in the Spirit, with all prayer and supplication. 
 To that end keep alert with all perseverance, making supplication for all the saints. "

The key points were:
1) Pray consistant prayers. Build your life on this.        ....praying at all times
2) Pray all kinds of prayers.                                           ...all prayer and supplication
3) Pray focused prayers. The devil will distract you.     ...keep alert
4) Pray strategic prayers. Keep each other spurred on.  ...for all the saints

Pastor Stan also said, "Prayer is a consciousness of God and the process of praying is often better than the answer, because during the process we are in God's presence. Prayer activates the armor which protects us.  Allow the Holy Spirit to move you to pray and to guide you what to pray for. The true measure of prayer is are you sincere?  What is the condition of your heart when you pray?  Are you genuine?"

Honestly, I'm disappointed God would allow anyone, especially a little child, to suffer to long. As a mother/grandmother it pains me to watch what this family is enduring and now having to do it so far from home and alone in isolation due to germs.

While I've been consistent in my prayers for this child and fully expecting a miracle, somewhere in the pain and suffering I've forgotten who God is. I've become beaten up instead of prayed up.
So, now I surrender to the Holy Spirit and approach the throne of God with confidence in who He is and that His timing is perfect.  The truth is He is up to more than we can fathom in the lives of 1,000s surrounding this situation.  Jesus could be imminent in His return and this is one way God is calling the lost into His presence through prayer for this child.  Ryan's life could be instrumental in saving other's lives!

Laura Story reminds us in her moving song Blessings that this is not our home.  I really encourage you to take time to bask in the lyrics of this song.