Give Thanks in Certainty

November 19-20
The car pulls into the driveway and the man gets out and knocks on our door, ready to chalk up witnessing hours required by his faith. He's a Jehovah Witnesses.  The saddest part of the whole spill is that there is no certainty for him in his faith.  My husband always kindly asks, "When you go to sleep tonight wouldn't you like to know for sure that you are going to heaven?"

We have these certainties through Jesus.
"Our Redeemer lives."                                               Job 19:25
"He will come to us."                                                 Hosea 6:3
"Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever."      Hebrews 13:8
"No word from God will ever fail."                           Luke 1:37

She Reads Truth writes:
"When we are young we see our world as permanent. But now that we are adults, we know all too well the truth; precious little is permanent and sure bets are hard to come by.  So many things we thought would 'always be this way' are distant memories aren't they?"

"I write you these things so that you may know you have eternal life."    1 John 5:13

Let's Pray:
Father, we love you and often struggle to comprehend why you love us.  You are like no one else, who has ever existed.  The assurance given to us in Your Word is exuberant!  Jesus is sufficient and the Sealer of our salvation. Your promises are steadfast and will never fail us.  May our lives be an affirmation of the greatest certainty we have. Jesus is alive and just as life giving, just as loving, and just as powerful today, as he was yesterday and will be tomorrow. In His name we pray, Amen