Improper Perspective

November 15
Taking a "photo" walk recently, I was amazed by the beauty of these brown leaves. What some see as a nuisance, needing to be gathered up and removed, I took the time to see as part of God's design.

An improper perspective can creep into our lives due to our self-centered agendas.   The person who is driving WAY to slow, may be saving us from an accident.  Patience begins running out when you've picked the wrong grocery line and are behind the individual who doesn't have enough money to cover the bill and has to determine what needs to be put back. Maybe God is prompting us to give sacrificially.  We turn our heads away or tell our kids not to stay at the handicapped person in the wheelchair, when what they really need is a gentle touch or listening ear, for God has created them with a purpose and sees them as precious.

"Come and see what God has done, his awesome deeds for mankind!"
Psalm 66:5