I Want Something to Sprout

Joy is sprouting from this precious granddaughter and her beautiful mama!
A two year old on skates!
February 22
For my birthday a friend gave me some tulip bulbs which were just opening up. They were such a joy to watch. The other day I thought...I want something to sprout!  Later that evening, my husband said, "Your daffodils are coming up!"  These 60-70 degree temps in February shout that spring is a coming. (I know, I know, we always get a big March snow.)

"Never mind.  My lover s already on his way to his garden,
to browse among the flowers, touching the colors and forms.
I am my lover's and my lover is mine. He caresses the sweet-smelling flowers."
Song of Solomon 6:3

Do our lives put off an image of the hopefulness of what is to come?
Is our love for Christ visible to others?
God wants something to sprout from us!
The radiance of our lives should point to Jesus sprouting out of us, if he's really in there.

Sprout-grow, put forth shoots.

Are we growing in the depth of knowledge of our Lord?
Are we making disciples and putting forth faithful shoots?
May all that sprouts forth from our lives today bring God glory!!!