Toothless in Tampa

February 23
I laughed the other day when a reader emailed me and thanked me for "being real" with what I write in these devotionals.  I thought...will I be real and share photos of a recent dart/dagger, the devil tosses at me?

Those of you who know me personally know I love to laugh and smiles just seem to stay implanted on my face.  Recently, I was in a predicament where it would behoove me not to laugh,  but I couldn't resist.  It was 8:30 on a Saturday night and I was biting into a piece of ginger candy. I looked at my husband and said, "I think my front tooth just came out." With a shell shocked look he said, "Yes, it did!" (It was a tooth which had a root canal years ago.)
The major dilemma was that I was to board a plane to Florida the next day to welcome our new grandson into the world.
My mind immediately shot to..."You cannot go!"  That thought lasted about five seconds.  The next thought was:  "This is not of eternal value. I will deal with it when I get home. I'll just be Toothless in Tampa."
Then the laughter began.  My speech was impaired without a tooth to place my tongue behind! My husband was so supportive. He said, "Once you get over the initial shock of seeing you like this, it's not too bad."  When I sent the photo below to our children the reactions were filled with a bit more alarm.   One of them said, "You can't get on a plane like that!"   Immense sympathy began going out towards our daughter in law, the new mom, who was hosting me.
My dental hygienist is also my neighbor, so I called her for suggestions. "There's nothing they can do quickly Boo. It will take a couple days. Whatever you do, DO NOT try super glue," she explained regretfully.

Knowing with God all things are possible, I prayed and then left a voicemail message on the emergency contact number for the dental office. The office manager called back and said he would try to reach my dentist.  About two hours later, my dentist called and agreed to evaluate the situation Sunday morning.  He said to bring the tooth. Using my husband as his assistant, he used what is called Dental Duct Tape and temporarily put the tooth back in place. Prayerfully it will stay there until he can get a crown done in March.

"With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."
Matthew 19:26