Mending Fences

June 5
"In light of all this, here's what I want you to do. While I'm locked up here, a prisoner for the Master, I want you to get out there and walk-better yet, run!-on the road God called you to travel. I don't want any of you sitting around on your hands.  I don't want anyone strolling off, down some path that goes nowhere.  And mark that you do this with humility and discipline-not in fits and starts, but steadily, pouring yourselves out for each other in acts of love, alert at noticing differences and quick at mending fences."  Ephesians 4:1-3

Mending physical fences is hard work and it's a process. You need to approach the problem area with tools, materials, your time and a heart to resolve the damage.  A similar scenario is require for mending relationships.

Where is unity needing to be maintained among your fellow believers?
What relationship is God calling you to mend?