Refreshment is Coming. Wait on the Lord.

Oh, the patience that is required. Money in hand, watching and waiting.
"Wait for the Lord; be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the Lord."
Psalm 27:14

June 23
There are 142 verses in the Bible which reference waiting!  There are probably that many categories in our lives where we have had to wait.  Waiting can be difficult.  
On our lake we have a wonderful young man who has had an ice cream boat business for 17 years!
He started the business at 15 years old.

For years you had no idea if he was even working on a particular day, so your wait could bring great disappointment.  Now you can go online can track him with some accuracy, but due to the nature of the business you never know how many stops he will make before he reaches your dock.

The boat plays a monotunous song, which carries over the water giving you a heads up he's in your area.  Then when he is actually in eye sight you wait and wonder how many people will flag him down before he reaches you standing in the sun on the edge of your dock.  Our little peeps wave and wave attempting to flag him down for their ice cold treat! The refreshment is obviously worth the effort for the awaken every day ready to start the process again!

Yesterday, one of the boys said, "Why does he go to them first?"  So hard. He could pass them by, come to us first, and get them on the return, but God is teaching us life is not all about us. We all have needs and need to think of others.

If we believe God is sovereign.
If we believe He loves us and has plans to prosper us, plans for a hope and a future for us.
If we believe nothing is impossible for Him.
We should be able to patiently wait and know that refreshment is coming.

When and what was your last wait on the Lord?
(Ha, for me to get this daily devotional out on time!)

I"m currently reading a WWII novel. Talk about a period of waiting. UGH.  I can't even write about the depth of darkness in that period of our history.  It's hard to believe such cruelty and evil still exists in our world, but it does.  

I"m praying this week for a friend going through excruciating chemo, another who just had a leg amputation, one whose husband had emergency surgery, one who lost her father on Father's Day and another whose husband died from a brain tumor on Monday.  Those people have done some painful waiting this week.

The next time we are frustrated in traffic, in a grocery store line, at a restaurant or waiting for the repairman/contractor to show up let's turn our time of waiting to prayer for those in much worse waiting scenarios.