February 12-13 Random Act of Kindness

Such a Sweetie!
My mother's favorite term of endearment was "Sweetie". She even named her sailboat "Sweetie." The tradition continues as I find myself calling my grandson "Sweetie." What a fitting name for a little fellow who loves to bake. Today's random act was to deliver some of our sweets to a couple neighbors. (The licking of the batter was limited to the beater only.)

Today I've been dealing with a battle of the mind. More like an all out war. It probably relates to parting ways with my little buddy and accepting some very disappointing news related to a friend. God and I got down and dirty. His said to me, "Do you love Me because of what my Son did on the cross for you or because of the things you want Me to do for you? Was my Son's sacrifice not sufficient? Ugh.

On my calendar is Romans 8:37
In all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.

"In our love for God and in our trust of Him, we receive from Him all we are not."
Marilyn Mererg