February 18 Random Act of Kindness

Looking at today's schedule I wondered what the random act of kindness would be today. Our pregnant daughter is arriving and would probably love to have her feet rubbed. Guests from SC will also be arriving and I could put scripture a scripture verse like... Proverbs 3:21 (MSG) on their pillows with a piece of chocolate.
Dear friend, guard Clear Thinking and Common Sense with your life; don't for a minute lose sight of them. They'll keep your soul alive and well, they'll keep you fit and attractive. You'll enjoy a good night's sleep. No need to panic over alarms or surprises, or predictions that doomsday's just around the corner, because God will be right there with you; he'll keep you safe and sound.
The best acts are the ones the Lord orchestrates and in order for that to occur we have to be with Him, so while I will gladly do those other things in my own flesh, also I am heading off for some time to listen to Jesus.