February 23 Random Act of Kindness

Today's Biblegateway verse is a wonderful spur me us on for those participating in the Random Acts of Kindness.
Do not those who plot evil go astray?
But those who plan what is good find love and faithfulness.
Proverbs 14:22

The other day a random act of kindness came upon me in the form of caring for a visitor with a very dirty diaper which had come undone and dumped into her footy pajamas. Me oh my! The only solution was a dunk in my tub! Afterwards the precious father said, "I really shouldn't have let you do that."

Today's adventure is to involve a face to face encounter with someone in our military or their family. Presently, I am clueless how this is going to take place, but I am setting out with excitement and expectancy for the plan God has in mind.

Above is a picture from last year of my own little soldier (actually, he is closer to the hulk now) and his wife at Ft. Benning. Let's remember to pray for our military and their families.