February 25-Random Act of Kindness

The double whammy came at me this morning. The verse on my calendar Psalm 40:3
He has put a new song in my mouth-praise to our God and today's chapter in the book I am reading by Mark Batterson called Wild Goose Chase both refer to a "new song". Batterson explains that this "putting a new song" procedure is referenced six times in the Psalms. When we do the same routine over and over, be it what we fix for breakfast, what we do with our families when they come home from a long day at work or school, or how we worship the excitement of the process becomes dull. These Random Acts of Kindness have spiced up my life and I hope I will keep praying and listening to the Spirit to direct my path.

Whatever day you read this I am going to ask you to be part of the process. One of our daughter's college roommates (she was the bridesmaid who sang in Betty Ashton's wedding and now lives in NY) had emailed a couple days ago for prayer. Then I received the email below. Today's random act is to ask you to read this and then email her a prayer or note of compassion and encouragement at this time of great loss. She was in the process of moving closer to home so she could be back in the saddle again. Her horse's name was Yukon.
Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers over the last 24 hours. Just a little while ago back in Lexington, Kentucky we had to put Yukon to sleep. Although willing to eat til the last minute (that's my boy), he was no longer able to stay standing on his own, and therefor my decision to let him go seemed the only possibility.

I am so fortunate to have owned this magnificent animal for 11 years. He was my friend, my partner in crime, my love. I of course wish I could have seen him one last time, but as my extremely wise younger sister pointed out, Yukon was a very proud and strong horse who would not have wanted me to see him/remember him as anything but healthy and beautiful. Considering Yukon and I share quite a few personality traits (over dramatic, center of attention, look at me types) I am sure she is right.

So I must say goodbye to my dear friend from afar. Yukon has known me through academic life, my mom's illness, my crazy decision to be an actress in New York, unkind boys, unfair loss, but also through tons of joy, and laughter, and happiness, and success. As competitors Yukon and I went all over the country finally making it to Harrisburg and Washington, and our ribbon still hangs over my bed. He will be missed terribly, remembered fondly, and loved always. He was my horse.


Today I honor Rachel and lift her loss to the Lord asking him to be her comfort. Praise God for those (be they animal or human) he sends to walk beside us in life and praise Him for our ability to hold onto the memories and pass them along to others.
Here is her email: Black Rachel rachelyukon161@aol.com