February 28 Random Act of Kindness

What do you wear when your screenplay writer son, who graduated from UNC, is home and a UNC game conflicts with the Oscars?

Today is my final self-required random act of kindness, although the process will hopefully be a reminder to stay tuned into the Spirit and how He can randomly use us to spread a little joy. The idea that our military forces are varied in their whereabouts...on land and sea and in the air triggered the thought that we have various avenues available to us for encouragement....in person, on the phone, by mail or email.
My goal today is to pray and ask the Lord to lead me in a random act in each area today.
Hey...by blog works too!
For you my friends I will share from a commentary on Psalm 91 in the Women of Faith Bible.
"The psalmist's glowing tribute to the Lord's protection and deliverance showcases the kind of faith that dispels fear and allows the soul to rest secure. Anyone who lives in the real world knows from experience that belonging to the Lord is not an insurance policy against earthly trials, dangers, even death. God does not always rescue us from mortal snares. But the believer who places his trust in God to keep his soul secure will never be disappointed. Regardless of what goes on in the world around us, nothing can penetrate the protective shield that God has placed around our spirits. When we trust that we are eternally secure because of God's great love and his ultimate triumph over evil, we can experience an unwavering serenity that transcends our circumstances."
So I close out February, praising the Lord and giving thanks that His act of kindness in sending His Son to die for our sins was not random at all, but very well planned out!