Are You Ready for Christmas? Make it a date!

Ready to feed the masses!

Repent for the kingdom of heaven is near.  Matthew 3:2
December 24
Ready or not!  Here it comes! About a week ago, the check out girl at Kroger asked me, "Are you ready for Christmas?"  It took me back for a second as I realized she had no clue how many I had coming to get ready for!  My initial thought to myself was, "I will never be ready for this!"
One day I read an online devotional which stated the real important question for us is...
Are we ready for Jesus?
I thought back to the excitement and anticipation of getting ready for a date with my husband.
We have an impending date with Jesus.  We shall see Him face to face.
Oh, that we might daily repent and be ready for that encounter.

I am beginning a study on the book of James (the half brother of Jesus).  In preparation for this study, the author has us looking at who James was.  Being fond of his half brother (Jesus) was not a characteristic for which James was known. He and his siblings thought He was a nut! After Jesus' resurrection, he appeared to James when they were alone.  Then James believed and was sold out for Christ!

Tonight I will pass out colored pieces of paper and ask our family members to list the names of people whom they long to see come to know the Lord.  I have a wrapped box with a slit in the top and we will slide those names into this box, place a bow on top and put it under the tree representative of the greatest gift these people could receive.

Santa is not coming down our chimney tonight, but Jesus will be returning one day.

Will you be going home with Him?  Make it a date!