Support for Droopy

My best friend from college flew to Nashville last weekend and was amazing support.

October 15
When my mind flutters to what I've lost, all I have to do is think back to all the people I love whom I've been blessed to spend time with and to the new friends I have made this past month.  My life is truly so much richer.  On today's agenda is meeting a new primary care doctor.

I'm battling the virus our grandsons had and dealing with an awful sore throat and fever.  The new PCP was not available yesterday, so I went to an urgent care to be certain I didn't have strep.  The physician stated he never would have known I'd had a stroke except for the facial drooping on my left side.  Heading from there to a dermatology appointment that doctor said the same thing.  With the overwhelming demands of PT and OT, I opted to forego speech therapy, while in Nashville, but after today's droopy comments I may need to rethink that.

Several years ago I was asked to pray for a beautiful young mother in Memphis who lost her eye to cancer.  We became sweet friends through email and Facebook. Our home is now dotted with some of her lovely artwork.  After seeing about the stroke on Facebook, she is not only praying for me daily, but has reached out to offer information, as she is a speech therapist.  We had a good chat yesterday and she has me on a good course towards a non-droopy face!  "Pucker up!" is a big part of it!  She also had great advice for another hurdle am facing. Stay tuned tomorrow!

It's amazing what God weaves together.

And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.   Romans 8:28