Happy Birthday Jesus

December 5-6
In the early hours of the morning I was chatting with Jesus and he gave me this poem.

If I could fill a stocking with gifts from heaven's store.
What are the precious treasures I'd go asking for?

Solomon asked so wisely for knowledge and wisdom.
The birds don't even worry asking from where their meals come from.

Hannah wanted a baby, then gave him back to God.
David wanted Bathsheba, so to his servants he gave a nod.

Earthly treasures eventually tarnish and don't fulfill the soul.
So I think I'll ask for things intangible, which aren't found at the North Pole.

I'd really like continued forgiveness, which was established on the cross.
Compassion, love and mercy, which can be obtained and never lost.

The hope of life eternal and kneeling at Jesus' feet.
Those are gifts out of this world, which really can't be beat!

Please add an ear for wisdom and the ability to unfold God's plan for me.
And a heavy helping of patience and obedience to wait on bending knee.

I don't really need a stocking, for my heart is already filled with joy.
With the remembrance of God's omnipotence and faithfulness when he sent that baby boy!

And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in the glory of Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:19

Well, I laid low most of the week, thought I was improving and then "BAM" last night I thought I might have to go to the ER.  The worst I've felt since the stroke.  Headaches, dizziness, light and sound sensitive.  (Still a bit funky this morning and this computer screen isn't pleasant to stare at, but we think we know what set it off.)  Two friends stopped by for visits yesterday, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  Then late in the day I decided to work on a photo album project, sorting the childhood albums of all the children.  For four hours I sorted and organized photos trying to condense the number of albums I have for each child.  Then I hit a BIG wall. This morning it hit me...that whole project was sequencing, which has been an obstacle for me and I pressed through for four hours. After asking my husband to do reflexology on my feet, I about flew off the bed the pain was so bad when he worked the big toe, which is the brain.  Please pray this will straighten out.  (I tried a Tylenol at one point, but it seemed to only get worse.)