"Even in laughter the heart may ache, and
rejoicing may end in grief."Proverbs 14:13

December 16
I don't remember reading this Proverb before, but it is true. Ministers do a great job of finding a way to bring laughter into a funeral service, for they know the benefits.  My man knows how healthy laughter is for our souls.  My Christmas shopping has been minimal this year, but I have attended a couple activities which required bringing a wrapped gift. I have one coming up where you are to bring "something to read."  Feeling totally wiped out after the gallstone attack, I asked my husband a HUGE favor.  He's not a rapper or a wrapper, but I asked if he would please go downstairs to where the wrapping paper was hibernating and wrap this simple gift for me.
I was on the phone with our daughter in law when he came in the bedroom proudly displaying his handy work in the photo on the left! This is the same man who placed my gifts, on our first married Christmas, in a big black garbage bag with a  red ribbon tied around it, so for a second I thought he was serious.  My exclamation was, "Are you serious?  That is such a mean thing to do to me when I feel so crummy."
In the other room, lay the beautifully wrapped gift in the photo on right!

Laughter is good for the soul.
Our four year old grandson made his mama laugh the other day.  He began screaming from his car seat that his foot was hurting him badly. At first our daughter had no clue what could have happened and then she realized it was probably asleep.  Arriving home, when she got him out of the car he couldn't walk on it and began to panic.  Rubbing his foot she told him it was asleep and it would feel better soon.  A few minutes later he said, "Mom, my foot is not tired anymore!"  LOL

Praying you find time to laugh today.