I Know and Believe

Carousing Cousins

March 1
At night when I crawl into bed, my husband is usually already asleep, but I lean over him and whisper, "You're my favorite thing."  The other morning I was sitting in the silence with Jesus, doing Bible study and I journaled, "Lord, I must stop and tell you that being alone with you is my favorite time of the day!  I get just plain thrilled being with You and I wish everyone could know that experience."

Opening my She Reads Truth email for the day I was jumping for joy as the author wrote:
"Prayer is not just about the act of asking and receiving; it is the act of being.  It is the act of knowing.  It is the act of coming near to God with integrity (authenticity) with a  heart that is whole and undivided in its attentiveness to Him.  It is knowing and believing that He is near and He hears us, that He is always faithful in His love for us, even when we don't feel it."

"Remember, O Lord, Your compassion and Your loving kindnesses,
for they have been from old."
Psalm 25:6

Prayer is less about the words we say and more about the availability of our Creator and our King and the opportunity each of us has to call on Him."

That is so well said!

Soon after the stroke, I began to fear returning to Shiloh and being alone for so many hours a day.
Whether it is a personality change or the injured brain, I find sitting alone in the quiet can be a comfort. I'm not afraid, because I know and believe angels are encamped upon this property, the Holy Spirit is in me and Jesus is omni-present with compassion and loving kindness.  Whatever is ahead next for me I realize this is preparation time, which has been prepared in advance for me by the One who loves me most!