Lifes Extras

A Lenten Rose

March 30
Cleaning up before our Easter crowd arrived, I came across a small book published in 1928, which had been given to my grandmother by her best friend on Christmas 1951.  The title Life's Extras, by Archibald Rutledge.
He wrote, "...Creation supplies us with only two kinds of things: necessities and extras.  Sunlight, air, water, food, shelter-these are month the bare necessities. With them we can exist.  But moonlight and starlight are distinctly extras; so are music, the perfumes, flowers...The fascinating part about all this is not the tabulating of life's necessities and life's extras; it is rather the question, Who put them here, and for what purpose?"

"God made two great lights
-the greater light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night.
He also made the stars."
Genesis 1:16

Spring is popping out overnight.  The trees will be shaking their tale feathers before we know it.
What do we do with the amazement of this time of year?  Let's allow it to take us into deeper relationship with the One who made all things and thank Him for all of life's extras!