A Mix of Young and Old

July 19
Ever season has its perks!  Summer is such a joyful time for me as I watch our children and grandchildren enjoy the simple pleasures of life.  Schedules are tossed out and we just go with the flow and the weather. Last week was a wild mix of sunshine and down pours.  Whatever happens we can trust in the Lord, praise His name and go through it together.

Both my husband and I have physically slowed down. We don't even think about skiing or wake boarding ourselves...kayaking, paddle boarding, yes,  but we are less graceful in our mounts and dismounts. He can still shoot some amazing hoops and snap a football better than anyone I know.  Fortunately, we are able to laugh about it, but even more fortunate is the way our children have stepped up to the plate and helped us out around Shiloh! We still tackle enormous projects, but most of the time, we wisely wait for someone else to be around to assist.  Our grandchildren are starting to get old enough to help as well. The cycle of life is grand.  We may be physically slower, but mentally a lot wiser!

When I plugged in "getting old" into Biblegateway 1 Samuel 8 appeared.

"When Samuel got to be an old man, he set his sons up as judges in Israel."  That didn't turn out so well, because the sons wanted to be ruled by a King, not by God. May our sons and daughters have wisdom to know the value of living a life obedient to Christ and respecting and valuing life lessons from those who have gone before them.

A  respectful and congenial mentoring mix of young and old is a good recipe for life!