Faith Can Be Fun

All these characters are godly women (one godly man) who love the Lord.
These also love to have a good time.
These two are married, so the kissing is okay.

July 16-17

Knowing Jesus brings joy!
On our early morning walk, one morning this past week, my husband and I decided instead of praying we would praise God and call out his attributes.  It was SO much fun, I wish I had written them down.  We did laugh as we got to "D" and we both shouted "Deliverer" the next words out of my mouth were darling and dashing. Possibly, more appropriate for my husband.

It was humid and towards the end of the walk I was sucking air going up one hill.  My husband graciously said not to worry, talking so much had winded me.  The impending letter before us was "U" and in unison we said, "Unbelievable."  There was a short time lapse as we searched our brains for another word.  Then I said, "My body and brain are both tired, all I can come up with is "upholsterer."  His reply, "Well, He does cover us!"

It was such a good time with God.
"On your feet now-applaud God!
Bring a gift of laughter, sing yourselves into his presence."
Psalm 100:1-2