God's Ultimate Aim

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September 7

My husband and I are currently doing a study on Hosea together, through the ministry of She/He Reads Truth.  It's a tough one bringing you face to face with the reality of our sinfulness.  A quote from today's notes says:

"As we read the book of Hosea, we learn no one is beyond the reach of Gods' forgiveness.  No one is too wrong to receive mercy.  God may bring judgment and consequences for our sins, but His ultimate aim is restoration, as demonstrated even in the way He renamed Hosea's children."

I just told my husband, this is a tough one!  If we are honest, there are people whom we believe have committed wrongs which don't justify them receiving mercy.  Times the thought crosses our mind "I hope I don't have to spend eternity in heaven with that one."  Sin is sin to God. We are each His precious creations and a great price was paid which is sufficient for all.  Today when we pray, instead of praying for someone to get caught, let's pray for someone  to be restored to a right relationship with Christ and their sins forgiven.