I'll Fly Away

The deceased's only grandson.
September 19

There are things that happen in my life resulting in the roll of chill bumps across my body.  Those times when NOBODY can come close to persuading me God is not on his throne and fully aware of every detail of our lives.

Thursday, while I was attending the funeral of a dear friend's father, the closing hymn was Alison Krauss's song, "I'll Fly Away."  As the song was being sung, the Abbey doors at the cemetery opened and the family began walking out to where the casket was setting.  I was positioned in a spot where I could see my girlfriend and her mother by the casket.  As I listened to the song a hawk flew right by.
I could not wait to get outside and watch that hawk fly away!  Only God could have orchestrated such a spectacular farewell. And this gentleman is faring very well in heaven!