Worship Mode

Life is good with God and for a boy driving a John Deere.

September 17-18
September 14th's Jesus Calling was a reminder that we were created to worship the Lord.
“Worship Me by living close to Me. This was My original design for man, into whom I breathed My very breath of Life.  This is My desire for you; that you stay near Me as you walk along your life path. Each day is an important part of that journey.  Although you may feel as if you are going nowhere in this world, your spiritual journey is another matter altogether, taking you along steep, treacherous paths of adventure.  That is why walking in the Light of My Presence is essential to keep you from stumbling.  By staying close to Me, you present yourself as a living sacrifice.  Even the most routine part of your day can be a spiritual act of worship, holy and pleasing to Me.”

Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you, who walk in the light of your presence, O Lord.  Psalm 89:15

So, as I drove to Roanoke for my 6 month skin cancer check up, made a visit to my husband's mom who isn’t feeling well, stopped by to see close friends who are grieving the death of a loved on, 
and then had to undergo some testing for pain I’ve been having; I chose to WORSHIP on the way. Turning on a Christian radio station, here is how God showed up and rocked my morning.
I highly recommend this worship series if you are ever in the dumps or in doubt that God has you covered.

Mandisa was belting out her song…”Stronger.”  I hope you have time to listen and can see this video!

Then the DJ says… “Are darts hitting you?  Claim Philippians 4:6 and live it out."
"Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God."

The next song that comes on is Phil Wickham singing "This is Amazing Grace!”  
When the lyrics hit the refrain:
 “I stand for all you’ve done for me” I almost stood up in the car and waved my hands out the sunroof!

The next thing I knew, going over Windy Gap Mountain, a school bus had halted  traffic to almost a standstill with all its stops.  I started to be concerned I’d be late for my appointment and the DJ says, “You might be stuck in traffic and frustrated.  Just take this time and realize all God has done for you and ask him how you can be a light for him today.”  Are you kidding me?  This is how awesome it is to be in God’s presence.

Then a song, which was new to me, came on.  “In the Eye of the Storm” by Ryan Stevenson

Then Building 429 reminded me that this world is not my home.  “Where I Belong”

Definitely one of the best rides to Roanoke ever!