God, I See Your Presence

My happy place!
I like to just float out here and seek the Lord!
May 26
Sarah Young wrote in the voice of Jesus, "It's crucial to take time with Me-enjoying My Presence and studying My Word. It is also vital to stay in communication with Me...Acknowledging your inability to handle things on your own is a healthy dose of reality...The most important part of the equation is recognizing My abiding Presence with you and My desire to help you."

It so true!  God is with us! (Psalm 46:7) We just fail to recognize His Presence.

I've been having a few more health issues and had some testing scheduled for today, but I needed insurance information before I proceeded. My husband is the one who usually handles sorting out the insurance quandaries, but he was in meetings all morning, so I put on my big girl pants and bit the bullet making the call.  After waiting on hold for several minutes a sweet voice answers and says, "This is ANGEL, how can I help you!"  Bless her heart, I left her dumbfounded by replying, "Of course it is!"  Then I explained how I was dreading making this call and digging into insurance issues, so God sent me an angel!
Before completing the call I inquired how I could be praying for her. Silence one again. She apologized. "I'm sorry, you too me off guard."  A few more moments of silence and then she shared she's a mom with five children.  Say, no more!  I prayed for her children and her parenting.

Hopefully, as she reflected on her day she could see that God had been right there with her all day long!

Take someone off guard today and offer to pray for them!