April 27

The morning was just too beautiful not to be out and about.
I am actually sitting outside typing right now, choking a bit on pollen,
but that is the cost of spring busting loose! I hiked up out 1/2 mile
long driveway and encountered the woodland animals of Shiloh.
First, a white tailed deer bolted across in front of me.
Moments later a bushy tailed squirrel. Quite the contrast.

Heading back down the road the Bunny of Shiloh shot out from my neighbor's
driveway into the woods across the road. His photo would be such a hit on
the blog, but he runs like a rabbit and would be tough to capture through the
lens. With bunny thoughts in my head, I got a chuckle as the next creature
came creeping across my path on the steps to our home...a slug.
Ah, a fish just jumped, celebrating the fact the ESPN Bass Brawl is over!

Today we will encounter deer, squirrel, rabbit, slug and yes, even fishy personalities...all created and all loved by God. Some may seem strange
to us...the intriguing thought is...we most likely seem just as strange
to them!

A black crow calls out, reminding me of the havoc and discord the enemy
wants to reek in relationships, while an old dove has hit the jackpot.
I have a basket planter on an outside wall that has not been filled with
plants yet. She said, "Forget nest building this spring, I will just take
this one."

Genesis 1:21
So God created the great creatures of the sea and every living and moving thing with which the water teems, according to their kinds, and every winged bird according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.

Let's Pray: Creation sings out praise to You, Father. We
join in as well today with shouts of adoration! Forgive us when we think
that "we are it". Christ is all that He did, in all that He does, and
in all that He will do when He comes again. Give us a boldness to love
others, strange as they may seem, the way Jesus loves us,in hopes they will
accept the love He has for them. Then there will be more rejoicing in
heaven! In Jesus' Name, Amen