The Great Grumbler

April 18-19

The two year road saga continues as we have had heavy equipment and mud
along our new road for the past three weeks. The ever unhappy neighbor,
decided he didn't like the fact that the cable lines, which were laid
years ago on the original road, were buried on his property, so he waited
until our road was complete to complain and have the company come and dig
up our new road and lay them there.
This week I came home one day to find four trucks and heavy equipment
blocking my path home as men worked and the hateful neighbor was out
orchestrating everything. My blood pressure began to climb and then...
the whisper of God.
"My child, why does this man's possible path to Hell not grieve you more
than his shenanigans. He is precious to me and My desire is that not one
should perish." Ugh, my only response was lame, but honest...
"Because I am human and he and his wife are hateful and thorns in my side?"

Then came the a doctor's orders to take a bitter cough syrup
to suppress an ailment.
Love your enemies, pray for those who persecute you. And here is a
real kicker....Give thanks in all situations.

Hmm, this occurred the same day I had the nap and awakened thinking...
"What am I doing here?"

We do tire of life's process, but that is why it is critical to rejuvenate
through praise, prayer and fellowship and flee from the mode of "Great

Let's Pray and Praise: We praise You Lord and give thanks for this weekend. We just walk outside and see nature rejuvenating and know that
with You all things are possible and we too can be refreshed. Forgive us
for our grumblings, for they reflect a lack of faith in and a dissatisfaction
with You and that is not at all the way we feel. Today we choose to rejoice
and to be thankful for we are called Your children and that is the essence of
our joy. May our lives be a reflection of You! In Jesus Name, Amen