April 7

Somewhere on the road Monday I saw a sign that flashed the word hardwork. That phrase flashed back across my mind as UNC proved victorious
in the NCAA basketball finals an hour ago. Several of their players
could have taken the hike off to the pros last year, but they stuck it
out for their senior year and their hard work and perseverance paid off.
Their joy and probably relief was reflected in the tears they shed after
the buzzer sounded.

I think that is the way we will feel when we reach heaven. We've all
taken some hits and hard knocks along the way as believers. Digging
into the Word for answers, training ourselves and our children in His
ways and working out in the prayer process requires dedication and
perseverance. When we cut the net (the strings of life) and head into
heaven, I believe the tears will flow for joy.

Ellington said after the game that he could not explain how amazing
winning the championship felt. It was one of those things you have to
experience to believe. Jesus probably hears that a lot in heaven!

Those basketball players suffered through injuries, grueling workouts,
practice after practice, special diets, and the sacrifice of a free
spirit college experience, but their hard work paid off and brought
about a reward they will remember the rest of their lives. We will
experience our reward for eternity! Now that is KOOL!

Paul says this in Romans 5:3
We also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering
produces perseverance

Yesterday, with my students, we talked about the things the enemy uses
to try to tempt us to leave the One who love us. (To slip away from the
training table of sorts.) It may be loneliness, financial woes, lusts,
jealousy, disease, or self-pity. Commitment to a belief in what we cannot
see and the testimony of those who have gone before us prepare us for the
work which is laid out for us to do here on earth!