Need to Know Basis

April 2

Listening to the news is just plain mind-boggling. An America where the
President can fire CEO's, demand people to volunteer and place people in
public office who have gotten away with not paying their taxes,
I don't' get it?

Clicking away from the new sites, after participating in a poll where 50%
of the people thought an IPOD was a good gift choice for Obama to give the
Queen of England, I realized my head was bowed in prayer. I must have prayed
"What is going on Father?" for the response I heard was ...
"You don't need to know child."

"What you do need to know is that I will never leave you or forsake you and
I want you to love me with all your heart and all your soul and all your
strength. Oh, yea and love your neighbor as yourself. Also remember,
I am coming back."

My students were practicing writing friendly letters yesterday. My heart
thrilled as I proofed the letter of one young man to his mother. He had drawn
a cross on the paper as a gift to his mom, because he said he knew how much
she loved Jesus. Now that is what God wants to know from us....if we love His Son? Nothing could be much more important for us to let others know about us as well.

Let's Pray: Lord. You are stable and steady, even when the world is not. We just want to rejoice right now for those who have gone before us
and are with You in heaven. We don't have to wish you all a happy is
a guarantee! Please let our loved ones know that we love You with all of our
hearts and while we don't know the day we are coming to be with You, we know we have an open date ticket home! Bring to mind today anyone who does need to know the love of Christ and prepare us to share in the simple way You have laid out the Gospel!
In Jesus Name, Amen