Jesus Does it All-Daily Check

March 15-16

The other night on Hannity a young surfer, trying to make it as a band member, when challenged by Sean as to why he didn't work stated he was just "living the dream"of "The American Way."  It was chilling to see someone admit, with arrogance, that the great thing about America was that it allowed tax payers to pay for others to not work and live for their dream.  He wanted the free handouts of healthcare and food stamps. He didn't need the housing because he lived with a friend.  I'm sure he would not have done the Hannity show for free!  When Sean offered to get him a job paying $80,000 a year he said he didn't want it.

As believers we get some amazing free handouts from Jesus.  Check out these four key points from Priscilla Shirer's study on Gideon.  I've printed them up on a card and placed it in my bathroom as a daily reminder of all God is providing for me!
1) He saved me. (Justification)        May I never forget the day I asked Jesus into my heart.
2) He changed me. (Sanctification) May I always be willing to go deeper.
                                                        Becoming like Christ is an unending process.
3) He positions me. (Location)        May I be more expedient in my obedience.
                                                        Reflecting on all the times I've been unwilling to move into action
                                                        for the Lord makes me sad.
4) He strengthens me.(Fortification)May I remember "not my might but your's Lord."

The Skit Guys have a video clip called "On the Way to the Cross."  Watch it and recall some of the many things Jesus did on his way to the cross and realize he is still at work for us today.  All his hand outs are free, if we just believe.