Sticky Situations

The parents of the bride!

October 19
This summer I encountered what seemed a traumatic situation at the time. There was evidence that a mouse had been in my car. I was quite unnerved and wanted to trade the car in!  When I took it to my favorite mechanic, to be certain nothing was nesting in the engine area or underneath somewhere, without resolve he went straight for the spare tire area.  A mouse had moved an entire pack of peanuts  (probably one by one) from the front of the car, to the back, and had set up house keeping in the center of the spare tire! No, way!  He'd even nibbled on an old bathmat I had been using for hauling plants and made a cozy bed!
We vacuumed every inch of that car and there have been no more sitings, but I refused to drive the car without sticky boards throughout.  My grocery have rolled onto the sticky board in the back and my sunglasses case got stuck in one in front of the passenger's seat!  After 6 weeks, I think the mouse has moved on or been eaten by our neighbor's cat, so I've let my guard down and an down to only one sticky board!

Our pastor delivered an amazing sermon Sunday on dysfunctional families and the pain which can come from us all being imperfect people.  He read off a soap opera series of dysfunction family situations in the Bible, which went beyond sticky!

Sharing that family wounds are slow to heal, he encouraged us to not focus on the person who hurt us, but the power and grace of God bring forgiveness and restoration.  The old adage that, time heals wounds is false, and he goes on to say, "Jesus Christ heals wounds!"

His five key points are worth repeating.
1) Acknowledge God's sovereignty.
2) Admit the truth about dysfunction. (Dysfunction means-not working right.)
3) Refuse to play the victim. (Choose responsibility for your life.)
4) Set boundaries-don't let others drain you.
5) Be sure you belong to the family that matters most...God's!

"And he answered them, 'Who are my mother and father and my brothers?' And looking about at those who sat around him, he said, 'Here are my mother and brothers!  For whoever does the will of God, he is my brother and sister and mother!'"

Let's keep filling up with the Holy Spirit. To be God-inside-minded today let's pray:
"Thank You, Holy Spirit, for directing me and illuminating my mind.   You lead me in the way I should go in all the affairs of life.  You lead me by an inward witness.  The eyes of my understanding, are being enlightened.  Wisdom is in my inward parts.  God's love is perfected in me.  I have an unction from the Holy One." In Jesus Name, Amen