The Trappings of This World

This old go-cart is one of our worldly treasures!

October 3
She Reads Truth is camping out these days in 1 John.   The instructions in chapter 2:15 are...

"Do not love the world, or the things in the world."

The lesson calls us to differentiate between those things God created and called good and those things belonging to worldly ways "according to the inclinations of our hearts."  There are three specific areas the author pulls from 1 John and poses a question for us to ponder.

"The lust of the flesh. Do we indulge our bodies with food, drink, touch, and comfort?
                                   Are we seeking luxury over knowing Christ?"
The lust of the eyes.   Do our minds crave world extravagance and grandeur?
                                   Do our ears strain for applause and accolades?
The pride in one's possessions. Do our eyes rove for treasure, possessions, and delights?
                                   Do we covet the trinkets of the world?"

The author responds with "My answer to all these questions is 'Yes'- a thousand times 'Yes!' Gimme those tacos, massage my feet, get me a robot butler, and bring down the house with your applause.  We're all enticed by the comforts of this world.  But John is teach us that all these delights belong to the world, and the world is passing away. We shouldn't tie ourselves to a ship that is sinking. Instead we should tie ourselves to the Anchor who is pulling us heavenward. We should reserve our deepest affections for God...He is our real treasure, and our very great reward."

Pulling into the grocery store parking lot, I first passed a high end (for Moneta) gift shop.  The Fall flags were flapping, some creative pumpkins staked into the ground smiled at passer byers and a cute dress caught my attention in the window.  I kid you not, my thought was "I'm headed heavenward and don't need to accumulate more things!"  I didn't even walk into the store.

The trappings of this world reach out for us everyday.  We must choose to put Jesus before them.
So here's my funny know those cardboard air fresheners people hang from their rearview mirrors?  Maybe they should make one that looks like Jesus, so when people are lured by the sights confronting their eyes, Jesus will be swinging back in forth in front of them!  If we are conscious to keep Him first and foremost in our thoughts and consistently call out to the Holy Spirit for direction, our lives will smell fresher!

(Praise God He has given us the Holy Spirit to convict and direct, it's the condition of our hearts and minds as to whether we listen.)