Been friends with this gal for thirty-one years!
So thankful we could steal away to my favorite spot for the last three days in my 50's!
One of the bellman surprised us with chocolates and stuffed bears upon as part of the celebration.
The bellman's name is "Sincere." I've never seen him at The Homestead before.
I told my girlfriend, I really think he was an angel.

January 26
Sixty is a big number. I'll take it though, as I think back on the reality of how differently the stroke situation could have played out. 
Thanks to all of you for the love and encouragement you've shown me over the years.  Hard to believe some of you have been following the daily devotionals for 17 years.

God's birthday gift to me was found in Jesus Always on today's date.

"Remember that you are My beloved. I am on your side, and I want what is best for you."

God's best for us is found when we are walking HIS way.  For sixty years, I think I've put my agenda before His. How I long to be more like Jesus.