Capture Your Thoughts

Taking 5 children eight years of age and under to the movies was nuts. We did get there 30 minutes early to get good seats together.
Three bags of popcorn tumbled to the floor and my sweet husband made five bathrooms runs during the movie.
Someone asked me if the movie was good...
I don't remember!

January 11
"Whenever you are struggling with difficulties, 
you need to guard your thoughts and spoken words carefully."  
Sarah Young

A group email came to my inbox. Reading through the contents I thought I'd purposely been left out of something fun.  My heart was wounded.  In moments my mind had conjured up why this person would do this to me.
Fortunately, I went to my husband with my hurt  (I know, should have first gone to God) and prayed for a "This is not of eternal value" attitude.  I said, "God this is just a test, so take every thought captive."   Going back to the email and rereading it,  I realized I had totally misinterpreted the contents. There was no celebration, it was simply a reminder of something happening on that particular date. I could have easily replied to this email sharing my hurt or snubbed this person.  Whew. The enemy is always at work.  We need to remember from whence our joy comes.

"Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength."
Nehemiah 8:10