The Sweetest of the Sweet

Our son sent this picture.  He was on his own baby sitting for his two sons a few weekends ago
and decided they'd have a contest to see which sugar cereal is the best!
Growing up, we didn't allow sugar cereals during the week, it was a Saturday treat.
Sounds like his house adult rules may be similar to his childhood!

April 28
Presently, I'm joining the She Reads Truth community in a study of miracles.  Today, contributor, Sharon Miller wrote:
"The Gospel accounts of Jesus conquering death (as in Lazarus and the religious leader's daughter) seem like the ultimate of all miracles.  But really, they were only a short-term (and yes, miraculous) solution to a long-term problem.  The only source of real and lasting hope is not a miracle, but the Messiah. 'I am the resurrection,' Jesus said to Martha.  
As glorious and dazzling as a miracle can be, it has only an ounce of the power and glory of the Savior."

The stories of miracles in the Bible are amazing and certainly draw us in when we are considering who Jesus is.  The more you get to know Him, you come to realize He's the sweetest of the sweet!
The I AM Himself, is better than anything thing He did.

May you take time today to feel His love pour out all over you and recognize His Presence in every detail of your day.

I love you Jesus!