The Call

Our newest grand-puppy, Samson, an English bulldog.

December 5

In a quiet moment, seeking the Lord, I sensed him saying there will be a future calling on my life. (Hmm, calling me home to heaven, maybe? That’s the ultimate calling.)  On the table beside me was the book Jesus Today.  Opening the inside flap a friend had written:
“Christmas 2013 For Boo-
May God continue to speak to you, inspire you and use you for His glory, and may you always have an open heart and mind to His CALL!”

Are you kidding me?  Another one of those times my faith was increased as I knew the Lord was there.  Opening the book to where a ribbon bookmark laid was entry #63.

“If we hope for what we do not see, we eagerly wait for it with perseverance.” Romans 8:25

“Among the five senses sight is often the one that people value the most.  I created the world beautifully and I want you to appreciate beauty when you see it. However, more beneficial is hope, which itself is a kind of vision.  It enables you to see through the eyes of your heart-things that are not yet. The most stunning example is the hope of heaven.  Your ultimate destiny is to share in My Glory!  This is My promise to you, secured through My finished work on the cross and My resurrection.  Practice hoping for things you do not see-both for this life and the next.  Ask Me to guide you into hopes and dreams that are in line with My will.  Train the eyes of your heart to “see” these blessings, while praying for My will to be done fully and only.  Discipline yourself to wait eagerly-with your focus on Me and the longed for outcome  Remain hopeful and expectant as you wait with perseverance.”

Let's Pray
Father, you are beyond our comprehension.  You are the One who knows all things, past, present and future.  When we grasp that we can't grasp You, we are able to rejoice in that fact alone! Our hope is in You, the perfecter of our faith.  May we see the blessings of this day and tell of your goodness to others.  We wait with eager expectation for all that is to come on earth and in heaven. In Jesus' Name, amen!