Real Life

March 22-23
While this has been a rough week, we have never been alone.  I thank God for where he has led me in my quiet times this week. Nothing has happened yet as far as our daughter miscarrying on her own.  This morning God blew me away with his provision. Here is an email I sent our daughter.

Dear One. 
What an emotional week this has been.  My heart has hurt for you, my precious daughter, who has endured so much disappointment in your lifetime.
Each day God has blown me away in my quiet time.  Yesterday, I was able to have a good cry.  I headed out to run a couple errands. Entering a shop, as I was gathering Easter basket goodies, a sweet friend who works there greeted me with "How many grandchildren do you have now?"  DART  With a huge lump in my throat I shared about what you are enduring. Then we went to dinner with friends and the husband's first question for me was that same one.

This morning as I went to Godtube, I felt there would be another dart, as I saw this picture of the pregnant woman...I opened the video anyway and was blown away by the gift God has given me.  Check out the last life verse. 
Once again, no one could ever convince me there is not a God who knows our every thought.

I love you, I do trust in the Lord to use this to bring Him glory and 
I believe with all my heart He is going to give you that little girl who long so for.

I do find comfort that Mallory and Jackson's little one is in heaven as well, with so many other children who never walked her on earth.  Having watched two of our children go through this only deepens the compassion I have for others who walk this same heartbreak. 
Thank you so much for your prayers.  I pray this video and devotional on Godtube blesses you in what you are facing today.  Today's post was supposed to be "March Madness."  I will post that one for tomorrow or Monday.
Love, Boo