An Ephipany

These vultures were atop a tree in our neighborhood and their erie presence gave us the creeps.
They were a reminder that darkness does lurk around us.

Below is an email I wrote to some close friends last week upon learning my father has cancer. Two hours before this news came, we received a troubling call concerning my in laws.  My father in law is in a nursing home recovering from hip replacement and my mother in law is struggling with an exasperating flu.  (Fortunately, all these loved ones live in the same town about 40 minutes from our home.)

December 10
When was the last time you wandered in the dark?  Not wanting to disturb Deke (my husband) or Moses (our dog) in the middle of the night on a water or bathroom run, I sometimes wander in the darkness with out stretched  arms feeling my way along hoping to not walk into a wall, door, or cabinet. As I go I pray that ole LOL (Lump of Lard) bulldog is not in my path.

A prayer request came last week from an online prayer group of which I am a member:

A young woman from Florida, in her early 30's, had given birth to a premature baby girl and the tiny one did not survive. A few days later, the mother had a blood clot and was rushed to the hospital where she went into a coma and has now died.  My friend was asking that we pray for her husband and parents.

When I hear of tragedy like this or wander in my own wonder of how I will get through these days ahead with my precious father, I can become numb and try to feel my way through the darkness.  Totally aware that God is present, sometimes I still do not know how to step forward.  

Mary's story came to mind the other day.  A young virgin finding out she would be pregnant with God's child!  There's a show stopper for you.  She didn't really waiver (I assume the presence of the angel was an obvious faith or fact builder), but she did wonder and voiced her question: “How can this be?" The angel explained this would happen by the "Holy Spirit coming upon her."

A light bulb went off!
That simple verse spoke to me in my wilderness.  I've tried to be strong these past days and accept my wilderness time vowing to look for the good, but with the shock and numbness I've forgotten to call upon the Holy Spirit to be my strength and joy!

Holy Spirit, come upon me!

I love each of you so much.  As one of you shared....let’s pray for mercy for Davedaddy.

Some of you say what you like about me is I am real....the real truth is that I am sobbing right now at the thought of telling my Daddy good-bye.  Please pray for God's mercy and  the surgery Tuesday at 7AM.