No, he's not ours but as one of our sons said, "He's a looker!"

May 11
I was elated to have the opportunity to baby sit this sweet fellow last week. Oh, how I miss some good bulldog love.  While having another bulldog is a desire of mine, I know realistically a puppy is probably not the best item to add to our lives right now.  We get up in the middle of the night enough on our own and our backs are beyond the toting bulldogs around days.  It's a good kind of love though.

I fell into another tempting purchase last month. My husband shook his head as I entertained the idea, but let me go through with it knowing I had a couple special events coming up where I thought I needed to look stylish.  I bought a pair of shoes with a little heel.  Can't even remember the last time I wore heels and I am not smooth at all walking in them.  Now my back is out and they are probably money down the drain.

Do you ever feel your mind drifting away from the things of the Lord and onto worldly nonsense?  Trying to reel myself back into the Holy Spirit's guidance I did an evaluation of what drew me off course. Each of these things factored in.
Busyness keeping me from digging deeply in the Word.
Influence of others whose company you are keeping meaning more than time with God.
Physical pain, like the way my back is right now.

But emotional pain is what caused me to falter the most.  The prayer list that I'm praying over, but not entrusting to God, has been heavy on my heart, because I'm not leaving the issues I'm lifting up, up there with God. I'm holding onto them in my head and my heart and that's not healthy.  I want my joy back and my desires to match up with God's desires.

Delight yourself in the Lord; and He will give you the desires of your heart.
Psalm 37:4

Going to go put some praise on...stay tuned, the phone rang and tomorrow I will tell you two ways God has drawn me back! Amazing!