Offer Hospitality Without Grumbling

June 13
A friend visiting recently said, "Do you feel like you live at a resort?"  Deke and I both immediately replied, "NO, we feel like we WORK at a resort."  Maybe she thought this property comes with a yardman. maintenance man, housekeeper and cook,  but she was looking at 'em!

"Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling."
1 Peter 4:9 

I'm so SLOW compared to my pre-stroke life. While I am quick to recognize this, it truly doesn't frustrate me. The question is will it frustrate our summer attendees who are used to be whizzing around accomplishing lots! 

The post stroke related headaches are easily identifiable and definitely related to sequencing activities and stress, but praise the Lord they come less frequently.  For my PT friends following this progress, I'll say (may have already) I was surprised that planting my pots with herbs and flowers and cleaning out drawers and shelves in my garage counted as sequencing, both brought on headaches about an hour into those projects.  Also, organizing/creating name tags with individual Bible verses, a class roster with contact information, seating arrangements for 26 women and setting the tables, unfortunately did a real number on me.  I'm guessing shorter periods of these tasks are better for me.  Made me a little sad to realize there are still issues, but although it is difficult, it's good for me to do these things. 

So, what will the summer of 2016 at Shiloh look like.  Different is my assumption.  I'm extremely thankful our daughter has arrived to help me launch into it and I know my husband has protective perimeters in place.

When the disciples were praying about a replacement for Judas they said:
"You, Lord, know the hearts of all." Acts 1:24

Help me have a heart of hospitality that overflows with love and joy to others. May I not be embarrassed for You to know that heart Father.  Also, help me to be able to see into the hearts of others who are visiting here, as You do, and love them immensely.

So far you've told me to have a Surrendered Summer, to seek to be transformed, and to love others immensely.  It is only through the power of the Holy Spirit these things are possible.

An addendum:  Over the weekend I asked my husband why he thought, out of all the areas of my brain which could have been damaged, it would be my strength that was weakened. That of being a good organizer and multi-tasker.  My husband replied, "You have other strengths. Would you rather have had your ability to love others so well lessened or multi-tasking?"  Sometimes it's good to have people around to evaluate things from a different perspective than you own, isn't it?

I choose LOVING!