A Dart Day

April 15
The clocked ticked to 1:50AM, I could not sleep. It is now 2:56AM and I
am up listening to the Lord. We have to have lows to appreciate highs.
My "Jasper Day" was so incredible, my "Dart Day" yesterday was down right
gross. Walking out the door I found that half of the tulips I had planted
last fall at our front steps had been decapitated...the not so dear, deer.
Before getting into the car to head for school I surrounded the remaining
five tulips with trash cans. Now that was a lovely site at our front steps.
What did I plan to do, ask people to look in between the cans and admire the
The day continued with a great inconvenience that still has not been sorted
out, a pouring rain and no umbrella, a huge disappointment for one of our
children and heartfelt concern for some others. Then, oh yes, at some point
we turned on the news. I think I sighed my normal response these days...
"Come, Jesus Come
The first thirty minutes of my sleeplessness found me trying to figure out
how to fix things, until I finally surrendered to praying and hearing the
Lord say:
"I've instructed you to not be anxious for anything. Obey My command."
I sought forgiveness for that fauz pas and prepared my heart to listen.
He said, "My Kingdom will come and My will, will be done."
Then Barbara Mason's 1965 song "Are you ready? Yes, I'm ready!" preceded my heavenly Father's reminder..."I work all things for good".
His final message was... "Do not store up treasures on earth," but focus
on loving Me and telling others about My love for them."

Are we ready to fall in love with Jesus? Check out Mason's lyrics and
relate them to where we and/or others might stand in relationship with Jesus.
I don't even know how to love you
Just the way you want me to
But I'm ready [ready] to learn (to learn)
Yes, I'm ready [ready] to learn (to learn)
To fall in love, to fall in love, to fall in love with you

Looking over towards my coffee table I picked up Ogilvie's devotional and
turned to April 15th and read what we can turn into our prayer today:
In everything, Lord, give me a positive attitude that exudes hope. In each
difficult impasse, help me to seek Your guidance. Draw me closer to You so
that I might think Your thoughts, speak Your words, carry out Your actions.
May my one desire, above all, be to live as a servant fit for Your use.
Thank You for allowing me that privilege." In Jesus' Name, Amen

Ah, to catch a few winks before dawn! Love to each of you!