Early to bed....

April 6

Over the weekend, out of the blue, my husband said, "Early to bed,
early to rise ain't done a darn thing for me!" (Meaning it hasn't
made him healthy, wealthy or wise.)

It is so interesting all the things people will try to improve life,
yet they avoid Jesus the very giver of life.

This morning I started a book called "Be Encouraged" by Warren Wiersbe
based on 2 Corinthians. Wiersbe writes, "What was Paul's secret of
victory when he was experiencing pressures and trials? His secret
was God. When you find yourself discouraged and ready to quit, get
your attention off of yourself and focus it on God."

Here is a fun thought! Going to Jesus is like going to the cookie jar!
It brings comfort!

Let's Pray: Lord, yesterday in church we sang Hallelujah,
what a Savior, whatever's in front of me I'm gonna sing hallelujah!
May "hallelujah" be the cry of our hearts this Easter week and may we
be filled with joy that overflows to many who need to know You!
In Jesus' Name, Amen