April 13

Walking into Lifeway headquarters in Nashville, TN, Saturday, I was
browsing the shelves for some books on the twelve disciples to use next year
at The Academy where I teach. I had the sensation that someone was behind
me looking at books on the other shelf, but I never looked up to see who
it was. I just scoured away at book titles.
Shortly thereafter the soft spoken voice of a tall, gorgeous, young,
Afro-American man asked, "What do you think of this title?"
It was Andrew Murray's book Indwelling Spirit.
I explained he had been a fabulous pastor and writer, but I had not read
that particular book, but personally loved being indwelt by the Holy Spirit!
The sweet, sincere spirit of this young man was captivating. I asked him if
he was a believer and he said yes, for a long, long time. We headed back to
the Bible Study area and I inquired if he was familiar with the teachings of
Henry Blackaby and I shared some personal experiences and growth in my life
from Experiencing God and When God Speaks.
It was then I realized that if there was anything more Jasper could add to
his faith walk he desired it with all this heart. I asked him if I could
pray for him. Tears dripped down his cheeks and he said, "I am sorry."
I embraced him and assured him tears were a good thing and that if he
sought the Lord with all his heart, he would hear from Him. I told him
about my mother dying nine years ago, which led me into this devotional
ministry and offered him my email. He said, "Let's go get a pen."

Leaving the store I said to my husband, "Coming here was all about Jasper
wasn't it? I really think Jasper was an angel and this was a test for me.
I think Jasper's tears were because he was on a mission for the Lord to
test me and he was thankful that I took the time and passed the test."

The song lyric "Open my eyes Lord, I want to see Jesus, to reach out and
touch Him and say that I love Him" is flowing through my mind.
Jesus shows up in the simplest ways.
Jesus, through Jasper's embrace, wrapped his arms around me and showed me
He is alive.
Thank you Jesus, thank you Jasper.

Ha, ha...the second test just came. The phone rang as I typed and it was
a Telemarketer from Cooking Light. I was so tempted to let the
answering machine get it, but thought nope, it might be Jesus! God
allowed me to pray with this woman for her health problems. The truth is
when we are willing vessels we feel so much better than when we play the
avoidance game.

Let's Pray: Lord, you are alive and working 24-7. Forgive us when we get "me focused" and forget the mission to reach out to a lost world.
We have tasted and seen that You are good and we need to remember that
Your work is good and has amazing rewards. As we step into the week after
Easter, may we continue to shout Alleluia and spread the love of Jesus.

Jasper, wherever you are...come visit again soon or email me at