Motives & Portions

"You do not have because you do not ask. 
You ask and don't receive because you ask with wrong motives,
so that you may spend it on your evil desires."
John 4:3

March 2

A She Reads Truth writer emailed in reference to the verse above:
"Ask for the fatted calf. Ask for your Father's gifts. Ask for whatever you want in His name,
and ask regularly, faithfully.  But ask for it knowing this, He gives exactly what you need when you need it. Daily bread, not a lifetime's worth. Today's portion, not tomorrow's. Thanks be to God."

Our God knows all our needs. He knows what lays ahead.  This took me back fifteen or more years ago when we were trying to sell our home of 25 years, to just live at the lake.  It took two years for that home to sell, but now I can look back and see God's protective hand.  There were many times we needed that home.  One was after our son broke his neck in a terrible accident.  While initially he was at UVA, eventually he was moved to our hometown hospital.  All our children had returned home to support him and numerous friends came to visit.  Having that big ole home, just a mile from the hospital, to house/host everyone was an incredible convenience.  My guess is when we stand before the Lord a lot of the pieces of the puzzle of life will make sense!

So, we keep on praising and praying, but we pray with the right motives.  Are we motivated by selfish desires or as servants of the Lord who trust in His provisions and desire to see His kingdom magnified and Him get the glory?