Continuation of God's Presence

Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.
Psalm 27:14
October 18
Today's Biblegateway verse above reminds me of a note I received, along with a gift from a friend of our daughter's who is a neurologist.  (The gift was the book Stroke of Insight.) Not sure if I wrote about the God-incident where this woman's baby sitter passed our daughter's house and saw the ambulance and called this doctor.  Later that evening in ICU there stood this beautiful woman, our own private neurologist,  with our daughter.  She visited me in the rehab facility and also later when I was recovering at our daughter's home.  We will be forever friends.  Anyway, the end of her note to me said, "Give yourself time!"  Yup, wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and give yourself time.!

Continued from yesterday...(fortunately, my memory is still in tack)
Heading home, EXHAUSTED, I put on my pjs and crawled into bed even though it was only noon.
My husband had texted to see how I was doing and if I could talk.  While we were chatting our drive way beeper signaled that someone was on the property.  Going into the dining room I looked for a car, but could not see one.  Then I saw a man in the upper driveway and realized someone had parked there.  My husband said to just go back to bed and not answer the door.  We continued to chat, no doorbell rang and I forgot about it.  A few minutes passed and I realized the driveway beeper had never acknowledged this car's departure, so with phone in hang I walked around the house trying to see what was going on.  Looking out from the second story, I see a man peering in the bedroom sliding doors of the bedrooms below.  Now he wasn't scary looking, actually a tall, strapping, blonde young man carrying a clipboard.  Cranking open a window I called out, "May I help you?"  It was the tax man, Clint, surveying the property!  He could have passed for another one of God's gorgeous angels though as he expressed with enthusiasm how he loved the scripture signs and had noticed a book in one of the bedrooms about God that was a favorite of his.  We exchanged pleasantries about our churches and I invited him to bring his wife and a group to walk the scripture trails.  (My husband is chuckling on the phone line and trying to get my attention to tell me he has someone waiting in his office!)  God is so good!

Just before I put my head back down I read an email from a friend, who has struggled with a debilitating illness before. She wrote,  "Could I come over and help you pack for your trip tomorrow?"  It was perfect! What would have taken me 3- 4 hours to do, she spurred me on to do in less than an hour!

This goes right along with tomorrow's message on being willing to receive!